Friday, 4 September 2009

French Wine Exports dip by 25%

Some recent statistics here have caused dramatic headlines. For sure the French export market is difficult on the back of extreme pressures from exchange rates and the credit squeeze let alone the bad and slow payment situation.
However statistics are open to abuse. Champagne sales may have fallen by over 40% in the first half of 2009, but the Languedoc Roussillon area has definitely increased sales. We, at Bella Wines, have increased sales by c 25% so far this year. Lets see what the important Christmas period generates..
If anyone is looking for the greatest value and most dynamic wines of the World then it is worth seeking out wines from the South of France.


Sabrina Lopez said...

French wine sales may be dipping. But this is not the case with fine Cuban cigars, the market for which is ever increasing. Check out various cigar types at cigar shop .

Matt said...

Yes, Champagnes have dipped, in which I think it has to be because of pricing. Unfortunately many are looking for better valued wines.

And the fact that Champagne is a small area and it is in demand everywhere.

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Rocket French said...

I'm not surprised. The young generation is not very fond of wine. Moreover, New World wines are more competitive.