Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Dodgy dealings in the Languedoc

Sometimes I receive requests for amazing quantities of wine to be supplied to far flung fact I am currently quoting an exciting project in China for 500,000 bottles.
But with any large quote or with any volume of production one always has to have honesty and integrity. If there is not enough wine to supply then that is it. You can not re label or re invent wine for the market.
Apparently this is what has been happening with some producers in the Languedoc in order to supply a large American brand.
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Leon Stolarski said...

I'd almost forgotten about this scandal. Nice to see things are moving. Not sure I'm bothered about what happens to Gallo, but this sort of story damages the reputation of southern France, so it will be nice to see the guilty parties (whomever they turn out to be) taken to the cleaners.

HamishWM said...

Yes, Leon. I agree. Not good for the reputation. Too greedy.