Friday, 30 September 2011

Is this innocent?

Why would a big wine tanker lorry from Bordeaux(with '33' number plates indicating the Gironde department) be filling up with wine from a large Cave CoOperative in the Minervois, Languedoc? Click on the picture to see it clearer.
This picture was taken on Wednesday this week.

It would be disappointing to think that wines were blended from the Languedoc with wines from Bordeaux. Bordeaux had a big harvest this year and would not need to bolster their wines.
It is illegal to label a wine as coming from one region, when the juice has been sourced from another. Unfortunately this kind of thing has been going on for many years. I just hope that this situation is innocent!

The weird thing is that the front of the lorry had Bordeaux number plates, whilst the back of the lorry had '11' plates for the local Aude region.
Maybe they were covering both eventualities?


Chez Loulou said...

We see them all the time here in Cesseras. It always depresses me a little.

Graham said...

Just going into an anonymous blend - think JP Cheney, Piat D'Or and the like. Shed may be in Bordeaux but doesn't imply any grapes/juice/"wine" is sourced there.

HamishWM said...

I am sure that there is a legitimate reason, but it does concern me. It is so easy to switch a hose or empty a tank in to a different tanker.......I wonder how closely this is regulated.