Thursday, 2 February 2012

First Growths...An Interesting New Book.

There have been various books written over the years about Bordeaux and the wine trade. But over the last 15 years there have been dramatic changes for the very top wines....the First Growths.
What makes these wines so special? Why are people prepared to pay so much for these incredible wines? Why are these vineyards highlighted as qualitatively better than their neighbors?
There are over 8000 Chateaux in Bordeaux covering 60 Appellations, but there are only 5 First growths.

So I am eagerly awaiting a new book:
Liquid Legends: the 1855 First Growths of Bordeaux.
written by Jane Anson.
This book is due for publication in October 2012.
Jane Anson is Bordeaux correspondent for Decanter magazine and has lived in the Bordeaux region since 2003. I recently asked Jane a few questions here.

We can take advanced orders for this book now.

The retail price is €42 per book. Please email to reserve your copy.

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