Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Best value wines of the world?

The Sud de France must surely have the largest diversity and greatest value wines of any wine producing region in the World.
Where can you get fantastic value Sparkling wine, elegant crisp fresh whites, fruity reds, classic oak aged reds, amazing dessert wines and much more???
The big swathe of land between Marseilles and the Spanish border has always been recognized for bulk production. But the quality growers are emerging and gradually gaining strong reputations. You do not have to pay crazy money to enjoy great value wines.
Many independent wine merchants in the UK such as Vin Neuf Wines in Stratford upon Avon have incredible selections of well chosen wines. They offer a personal, family service and they have pride in their quality wines. When the wine world can seem quite confusing and the bigger wine brands seem to take over every supermarket shelf it is well worth contacting a proper merchant such as Vin Neuf to tailor your Christmas needs.
The only problem is the enormous selection! This chap called Nigel is ready to pounce(notice the Visa card at the ready).


Andrew said...

I have long been a fan of the wines of the Languedoc - and one thing we can be proud of in the UK are the large number of independents that specialise in those wines.

HamishWM said...

Yes, it is going to be a tough time over the coming months for many wine merchants. But the good ones will still be around. The Languedoc is so vast with so much diversity of terroir and grapes and outside investment. There are a few cowboys producing awful wine, but you are correct that the UK has embraced this area and picked out some of the special wines.