Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Aston Martin runs on wine.

Back in July there was a story that hit the UK press regarding HRH Prince Charles converting his 38 year old classic Aston Martin DB5 to be powered by a combination of Bioethanol and sustainable fuel from waste products. At the time there was outcry as it was revealed that the 'waste product' was in fact wine from an un named vineyard in Wiltshire...there was a big hu ha and the English vignerons were very defensive!

With the petrol price per litre in France being €1.35 and in the UK at £1.10 I am sure that there is an opportunity to use some of the wine that is stored throughout the Languedoc Roussillon far more efficiently. As we could be using a waste product it would also reduce our carbon footprints. I will check the costings!

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