Monday, 25 August 2008

A cloud! Harvest starts soon.

Max took this picture last night. I think this was the first cloud that we saw all day! Fantastic weather with a cleansing vent du nord.
Lots of clearing up work in the vineyards all weekend.
The harvest here in the Languedoc will start soon (some whites are gradually being picked). Lots of grape analysis and chin rubbing and general decision making will take place over the next month. Although the lack of water is an ongoing problem and there are rumblings that this will reduce the quantity significantly, the omens are looking good.


Loulou said...

I heard that the white vendange had started already and that the red would begin on September 10.
Is that what you're seeing?

HamishWM said...

Hi Loulou
Yes it is all kicking off now. The early aromatic whites are being harvested. Certainly down in the Roussillon they are in the vines hard at work. Up here in the Minervois they are still revving tractors! Lots of analysis for sugar levels and ripeness. You could be right for Sept 10. But it depends on the weather over the next fortnight.....looking good at the moment.