Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Reasoned Fight...Lutte Raisonnee

Some French expressions really do not translate!

Lutte Raisonnee is an untranslateable phrase which is used for essentially explaining that wine growers are responsible and respectful of their environment.

It is near organic status...without having Ecocert organic certification.....But Lutte Raisonne is not full on Organic or Biodynamic viticulture.

Growing grapes may be a 'romantic' lifestyle. However it is tough and also can be very cruel financially. The unknown element after all the hard work and the investment is the uncontrollable and unpredicatable element of the weather. If you practise organic agriculture the weather can ruin you.

I strongly believe that Lutte Raisonne is a good middle ground for responsible grape growers who are tending their land for quality grapes, but also bearing in mind that they have to make a living. Minimal interference but working with the seasons and the elements may prove the best philosophy. Maybe not a reasoned fight....more a reasonable harmony.

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