Thursday, 4 September 2008

Chateau Monty on TV tonight

This should be an interesting TV program on Channel 4 in the UK tonight. Monty Waldin is a UK journalist, who has been partially living in Italy recently. Monty has been writing for a few years now and he is approaching 40......sounds familiar.
Monty's passion is biodynamics. he has written books and articles on the subject and now he has been commissioned to make a television program. I saw a TV camera chasing Monty around an organic wine tasting in Perpignan earlier this it all makes sense.
I take my hat off to Monty as he is now putting his knowledge to practical use. The program will show the ups and downs of his adventures working a vineyard in the stunningly beautiful Roussillon area and trying to make a wine following the (slightly weird and cranky) principles of biodynamism. I am regularly visiting Mas Amiel winery, which is virtually next door to Monty's vines (the other side of the village of Maury)so I will be watching tonight.
Look forward to seeing how he gets on.......

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