Friday, 26 September 2008

Vin de Merde

A Languedoc producer has recently produced a wine and labeled it 'Vin de Merde'.
He has attracted attention...and he has sold all his 5000 bottles that he produced.
Jean Marc Speziale from Aniane near Montpellier said that he wanted to bring attention to the Languedoc and let people be aware of the hidden gems.
I just think he is an idiot. I have had enough of these stupid wine labels. Cats pee on a goosberry bush Sauvignon Blanc was funny initially. Fat Bastard Chardonnay was also OK. Arrogant Frog and Ribet Red have a sense of irony as the wine is produced by a smart and decent quality French wine producer (at least he has a sense of self deprecating humor).
But 'Vin de Merde' just classless and naff. Or am I just an old fuddy duddy?


Enotheque said...

You're not a fuddy duddy at all...I have a sense of humor too, but this is just textbook bad decision-making at the marketing level. I get the producer's point, though what a terrible way to convey it. Some of the labels coming out of California in the last three years or so feature everything from idiotic critters to insults to semi-pornography. Again, some work, some, and I mean most, simply do not.

All this aside, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to make some lovely wine shopping recommendations. I moved to London last week and am still sorting out all sorts of things, the big one being employment at the moment.

I look forward to keeping up with your blog and checking out some of your recommendations in town. Many thanks again!

HamishWM said...

Hi. Thanks for your comments. I agree with your comments about bad decision making at the marketing level. It is an insult to the other growers in the South of France who generally are raising the quality standards significantly.

Loulou said...

Yes, classless and naff. Well put!
I agree with you.